Hardcore Championship Wrestling

HCW 2010 Event Schedule 

 Dark Survivor (Febuary)
T*A*B*, Tank & Curt Taylor vs Shadow, Helsing & Underdog(Relay Tag Match)
C-Money vs Curt Taylor(1st Round of mini-tourney)
Underdog vs Shadow(2nd round of mini-tourney)
Underdog vs Curt Taylor(Finals of mini-tourney)
Underdog cashes in WildCard on Helsing- HCW Champion Underdog
Helsing vs Tank(3 Stages of Hell)
1. Singles-Helsing
2. Table-Tank
3. Street Fight-Tank


Know the Ropes (April)

Zero Toleranc(May)

 Military Mayhem (June)
ProShow vs Chopsterio & J.C.Preston(Spec. Ref-Tank)
Extreme Title Tournament:
Finals: Curt Taylor vs Shadow

Blood Rayne (July) 

Insanity, Curt Taylor, Underdog vs Helsing, Chopsterio, A.J.Divine
HCW Wildcard #2: Insanity vs Chopsterio vs A.J.Divine vs Shadow vs Curt Taylor
Curt Taylor vs A.J.Divine
Underdog vs Helsing(HCW Championship)

Method of Madness (August)

Underdog became the Extreme Champion 

Curt Taylor pinned A.J. Divine (But A.J. Divines says his hand was under the bottom rope)

Robert ExE became the NEW HCW Champion defeating Helsing

*WildCard cashed in* A.J. Divine beat Robert ExE to become the NEW HCW Champion   

Clash of the Titans (September)

Prophecy, A.J.Divine & Underdog vs ProShow, Robert ExE & Chopsterio

Shadow vs John Heartbreak (Xtreme Rules)

Curt Taylor vs Robert ExE vs A.J.Divine(C) vs Helsing (Fatal 4-Way)(HCW Title)

Havok (October)

Down to the Wire (November)

Fuzion (December) 

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